Daily Video – #ShowYourStripes

Today is International Women’s Day and throughout this week there have been a series of initiatives, announcements and events placing the issue of Women in Sport front and centre stage.

The landscape has changed considerably over recent years and Sport for Business members from Lidl and Liberty Insurance to Sport Ireland and the Federation of Irish Sport, Along Came a Spider, AIG, Three and so many more have played a key role.

It is one thing promoting organisational change but the real foundation of any popular movement comes from individual commitment.

Today’s Daily Video brings that to life with the launch today of #ShowYourStripes a call for each of us as individuals to make a personal pledge to take an action, big or small. that will make the cause of having more girls and women involved in sport real.

One of the girls in the video says that we might get there, maybe in ten years, and then sighs.

To a young girl, ten years is a lifetime. We want to believe that in ten years time the cause of Women in Sport will be irrelevant because it will be just normal. But it’s not there yet, and it needs a conscious effort in order to get there.

Every two hours today at 7 am, 9 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm I will make a personal commitment in the way that I Rob Hartnett and we Sport for Business will support the idea of girls and women being involved in sport being a normal part of the way we work and live.

How will you #Show your stripes today.

Watch the video below and follow the pledges as they flood in on the 20X20.ie website page here.


Image Credit: Bryan Keane, Inpho.ie

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