Daily Video – Stadium Showcase

There is something pretty special, in a spine tingling sort of fashion, about the video content being produced to back up Ireland’s bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

This week as the World Rugby team toured our sporting and political corridors the IRFU released this video, a stadium showcase highlighting the history, the quality and the impact of the world’s oldest stadium hosting Rugby World Cup in the bicentenary of William Webb Ellis picking up the ball; of Ravenhill where Japan won their first game at Rugby World Cup; of Croke Park and of Thomond.

We are doing all the right things.  This is a bid of substance, backed by the highest quality of support.  As of today there are 235 days until the decision is made and announced.  Time for those on the sidelines to hold their breath and for those in the game of persuasion to work as never before.  Shoulder to Shoulder as they say…

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