Daily Video – Super Bowl Ads 2020

Here are some of the ads that will be shown at breaks during Sunday’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49’ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The game is broadcast live and exclusive this year on Fox and the rack rate for a 30-second spot is an eye-watering $5.6 million.

We will not get to see these ads on the Sky Sports and BBC coverage that will show the game here. Running through the early hours of Sunday night into Monday morning is not prime time outside the cohort of fans, your correspondent included, who will be glued to see what the game produces.

But we like the business of sport here and so here are some of the ads that have been released in advance that will be airing coast to coast.

Bloomberg for President

Mike Bloomberg hopes to win the US Presidential Democratic Nomination. The Iowa caucuses are on next week. Once every four years, politics looms large over the Super Bowl. Bloomberg is focused on gun control.

Trump for President

Oh and there’s another fella looking to persuade the viewers when they are in party mode that ‘the best is yet to come.’


“Believe yourself, be tougher than the world around you.” Kia has gone with LA Raiders, soon to be Las Vegas Raiders player Josh Jacobs was once homeless but now has a major contract in the NFL.  The ad is an ‘advice to himself’ piece, and there’s a new Kia SUV



An emotional kicker from Google who have invested heavily in the air time running a ninety-second spot, albeit with a very simple level of production.


Super Bowl ads have a tradition of being dramatic and over the top.  Cue Amazon with the simple question of what did people do before Alexa and a march through history with dragons included.


Sam Elliot is your ultimate cowboy.  Dorito’s are regular Super Bowl advertisers and they’ve brought him into the modern era with a bit of ‘Old Town Road’ a touch of Tik Tok and a dance-off on a dusty main street, USA.


The tech giant is focusing on the story of Katie Sowers whose aim is not just to be the first woman to be part of the coaching set up on a Super Bowl sideline but to be the greatest coach of all time.


If you’ve ever spent time in Boston, or ever struggled to get into that spot that looks as if it might be big enough, you will enjoy this from Sport for Business member Hyundai.


The self-styled King of Beers is also one of the kings of marketing and they brought in Oscar-nominated Kathryn Bigelow to produce this year ad looking at ‘typical Americans’ and what ‘typical’ can do.

Join us again for more of the ads tomorrow…


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Image Credit: Twitter and Inpho.ie

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