Daily Video – Thank You Mom

At One-Zero in Dublin yesterday Neil Curtis the CEO of London ad agency Wieden + Kennedy brought us through a showreel of their work used to connect on an emotional level with sporting fans and consumers down the years.

In a world where we are always rushing to the next idea, the next moment we sometimes don’t take enough time to look back and reconnect with what has shaped and defined the way we look at life in its widest context and the world in which we work at a narrower level.

P&G’s ‘Thank You Mom’ Campaign has been through a number of iterations since it was first revealed with 100 days to go before the London 2012 Olympic Games.

To say it has stood the test of time is an understatement.

One of the most touching and effective pieces of video content that you are ever likely to see and one whose timeless message is as relevant today as it was seven years ago.

Here it is as a reminder of what is great.


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