Daily Video – The Collector from Three

As Ireland prepares for its crucial World Cup qualifiers against Georgia and Serbia, Three has released the latest video in the #TheCallUp series focusing on Irish fan and Irish Football jersey collector, Eddie O’Mahony and his incredible collection.

Three have a big weekend with the Republic of Ireland for whom they are the main commercial partner in action on the road to the World Cup and the Waterford Senior Hurlers wearing the logo out onto Croke Park for the All Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday.

In the soccer video O’Mahony reveals his possession of one of the most famous Irish Football jerseys ever; Roy Keane’s 2002 World Cup squad jersey, and what happened when he asked Keane to sign it.

As well as Roy Keane’s 2002 World Cup squad jersey, O’Mahony is the envy of many Irish fans with his collection of some of the most legendary Irish jerseys ever including; Richard Dunne’s No. 5 jersey from Moscow (2011), Ray Houghton’s jersey when he scored against England (1988) and John Aldridge’s jersey when he scored against Mexico (1994) among others.

With a supportive wife by his side, O’Mahony justified passing up on painting his house in order to get Richard Dunne’s No. 5 jersey. With it “covered in blood, written in marker, created live on the pitch”. O’Mahony claims “there’ll never be another jersey like that ever again”.

Justifying his collection, O’Mahony sums it up poignantly claiming, “the Irish jersey means everything to me. I’ll never be a player but it’s the next best thing”.

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