Daily Video – The Language of Sport

To coincide with International Women’s Day, Three, sponsor of the Republic of Ireland and supporter of the 20X20 movement, has released a video highlighting the perceived differences how men and women in sport are described.

It’s a simple telling of an important distinction that exists between men and women in all areas of life, not just sport, but it is something we can tackle.

The language of sport will be the subject of next Wednesday’s 20X20 Weekly column on Sport for Business.

This is an interesting taster bringing it to the attention of a wider population than those of us who will already be acutely aware of the way we talk and the impact that has.

And has Mick McCarthy really never been described as ‘bubbly’?

“I think the language used and how people talk about men and women in sport is very different,” said Louise Quinn of Arsenal and the Republic of Ireland who features in the video. It’s still a relevant issue today and highlighting this disparity is the first step to creating a real change”.

Three and the FAI are members of the Sport for Business community.  Contact us today to see what we can do to tell your story within our influentiual group of members.

Image Credit: Bryan Keane, Inpho.ie

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