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SuperValu is on a roll as a sponsor of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship with store owner Peter Keane managing Kerry to the final on September 1st.

In doing so they echo the position that AIB was in with Stephen Rochford working for the bank at the same time as he led Mayo to the final in 2017.

Today though the focus is on a piece of video content featuring one of the Dublin players who will potentially end Keane’s dream of going one better than Rochford.

In a video below, part of the brand’s ‘Where You’re From’ campaign, Dublin GAA stalwart and SuperValu GAA ambassador Kevin McManamon speaks candidly about the personal challenges he has had to face and overcome, during his 10-years in a blue jersey.

Despite an impressive haul of accolades, including six All-Ireland titles and eight Leinster titles, the St Jude’s star has had to come to terms with internal pressures, that led him to believe he wasn’t good enough.

“2009, there was probably six of seven of us that got brought in that year that were a bit rough around the edges. I was a little bit out of my depth. Particularly, I would have had this you know, imposter idea that I’m going to be found out at any time. If I was to talk about the biggest challenges, I think mine were kind of internal. You’re supposed to act a particular way when you’re a bloke, particularly a sportsman. It was more of a personal thing. Was I good enough to play at the top, top-level?”

“It made me look inside and actually have a deep dig through the layers. I was getting in and out of games – playing well one week, playing poorly the other week. I’d be dropped essentially.

“2012, I got into the Leinster Final. I just completely crashed. Playing against Meath and I had seven turnovers in the first half. Gilroy, I remember coming up to me at half time saying, what’s wrong with you, like?

“I was just completely underperforming. I was hijacked. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind, really. I was taken off, it was pretty much the end of my season that year. Just kind of doubting yourself before matches, hoping everything goes right rather than backing yourself. Dreading the game in the hours before the match and not sleeping the night before. The days it went right it was great, but days it went wrong it was, you know low enough, or challenging enough in terms of just responding to it you know? Because suddenly if you’re winning, you’re flying high, you’re great. But if you’re losing, then you feel brutal because you’re probably linking your happiness to the rollercoaster of intercounty football.”

Coming to the realisation that this mindset could not continue, Kevin knew he had to tackle and manage the negativity that was impacting him personally and on the pitch.

‘Where You’re From’ is about being rooted in your community. It’s about your family, friends, neighbours, and the people around you providing encouragement and support when you most need it. The campaign aims to highlight the real resilience of players and managers and how the connections they have in their local community drives their resilience when they need it the most.

Image credit: Stephen McCarthy, Sportsfile

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