Daily Video – Wimbledon’s Moon Toss

“It’s a constant, continual improvement. We are able to do things now that we have never done before.”

Those are the words of Philip Brook, Chairman of Wimbledon in a short video piece that was released before the Finals weekend.

Now the chances of being able to buy a ticket for those games, or indeed any other as at The Championships are dependent on camping outside, winning the annual public ballot or mixing in the right circles.

In short it is a sporting event that hardly needs to market itself in order to fill the grounds but the All England Lawn Tennis Club knows that in order to maintain that position it needs to continually reinvest in ensuring the very best of facilities and in telling the story of just why it is so good.

Putting the coins used in the toss ahead of Simona Halep’s and Novak Djokovic’s wins on Saturday and Sunday into space is one way of making it special. The idea arose from a conversation which NASA astronaut Drew Feutsal had in the Royal Box at the Championships two years ago.

With this weekend marking the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing it was an opportunity too good to overlook.


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