Data Science in Sport Uncovered at Predict

The world of data, analysis and artificial intelligence gathered at the RDS yesterday for the predict Conference and Sport for Business was pleased to play its part giving a Main Stage presentation and hosting a great discussion on the impact which analytics have had across the wide spectrum of sport.

We looked at where sport has come from, how the smartest teams, leagues and organisations are using data in so many imaginative ways to enhance the experience of sport and to engage with fans in ways previously unimagined.

Sport is our new universal language and explaining the benefits of data and the importance of explaining it properly is in many ways an easier way to make a complex subject more easily understood.

That is what we set out to do yesterday and the reaction from those in the Concert Hall at the RDS was that it was a winner.

We were joined for the discussion part of the Sports segment by the Senior Analysts for Dublin GAA, Ray Boyne, for Northern Ireland and Cork City in soccer, Lisa Fallon, and at the Sport Ireland Institute of Sport, Alan Swanton.

Each gave their own insight and stories from the front line of analysis in the better preparation of athletes to give their best.

With Olympic success, a three in a row All Ireland winning team, qualification for major tournaments from a pool of only 41 players and what will surely be an SSE Airtricity Premier League title in the coming days this was a group who can walk the walk and proved adept yesterday at explaining what they do and the impact they have.

It was a pleasure to work with them and open a curtain for the world of data science on the ways in which sport is changing daily through the application of what is happening in this world.

Creme Global, the organisers of Predict, the FAI, Dublin GAA and Sport Ireland are among the more than 230 organisations that play an active part of the Sport for Business community.

Aside from producing news and analysis on the commercial world of Irish sport and business we host events and enable discussions which bridge the gap that can exist between great sport and great business.

Sport for Business Founder Rob Hartnett is also an adviser in this sector to Tech Ireland. 

What could we do together for your organisation?

 Image Credit Inpho Dan Sheridan

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