Decathlon to Open Ballymun Megastore on Saturday

Decathlon will add its weight to a hopeful revival of retail this Saturday when it opens the doors of its Ballymun megastore to the public for the first time.

The Irish Times is reporting this morning that the store will open up at 1030 with a full stock of goods covering 70 sports.

There will be 4,000 square metres of retail space, a third bigger than the average store size in its outlets across Europe.

In addition, this will be part of a 17,000 square metre footprint that will include a football pitch, outdoor space for gym equipment and classes, a rollerblade area and bike circuit as well as one of the largest children’s playgrounds in the country.

Anyone who has shopped in a decathlon will be familiar with the bewildering range of goods on offer from shoes and t-shirts to Basketball Hoops, fishing rods and equestrian helmets. It is an experience without a doubt.

The store is the first of a planned nine across Ireland and sits adjacent to the main IKEA store. Traffic at Junction 4 on the M50 is about to get even heavier than it was before.

The Irish Times quotes Decathlon Ireland CEO Bastien Grandgeorge as urging people not to rush to be there on day one that they “will be open in Dublin forever from Saturday.

Decathlon started selling online in Ireland in 2017 and last year recorded 360,000 online orders from us.

It has a history of collaborating with sports to offer greater levels of engagement. In the UK in 2016 it ran a series of Running Events in and around its stores which attracted 7,000 to take part.

Last year it launched Decathlon Play, an app seeking to bring together consumers, fitness professionals and sporting clubs in what it describes as a ‘true sports ecosystem.’

It will be interesting to follow how it seeks to promote and engage here and how its rivals step up to the challenge it will present.

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