Drawing a Line

You have to hope that a survey of Ulster Rugby fans over the Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding affair will draw a line under the ill feeling that has been evident in media and social media since last weekend’s announcement of their contracts being terminated.

Feelings have clearly run deep but time is a great healer and a survey of 930 members of the Ulster Rugby Supporters Club drew a response of only 390 when asked about the desire to protest at this weekends Guinness PRO14 game at home to Glasgow Warriors.

Just over 100 wanted the protest while the majority decision was to register a protest in the form of a letter to the IRFU and the Ulster rugby branch.

Only 17 respondents, according to a report in today’s Times Ireland Edition said they we ‘Pleased they are gone’.

Sometimes in the era of modern communication and firefly mass hysteria, the silent majority can be ignored or deemed to be irrelevant.

That is never the case but for most, the priority of this case is something that happens in the background rather than front and centre stage of their lives.

Much of the media commentary has centred on an unstated dark force of corporate sponsorship having sealed the fate of the players.

The reality is that they did that themselves through their behaviour.  It wasn’t any sponsor that made them say those words.  It wasn’t a desire to appease a corporate benefactor or a group of fans that informed the IRFU and Ulster Rugby decision.

It was doing the right thing in difficult circumstances.  It is likely that if that was an option for the more than 500 who did not reply to the survey, they may have aired their voice.

Read our Breakdown of the IRFU Decision from earlier in the week.


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