Dublin Dominates PwC All Star List

Dublin’s success in winning the Allianz National League, Leinster and All-Ireland Championship titles has been reflected in 12 nominations for PwC All Star Awards and a clean sweep of nominations in the Footballer of the Year category.

The full list of nominations for this year’s PwC All-Star Awards is made this morning and includes players from eleven different counties.

Dublin lead the way with twelve while Tyrone, Galway and Monaghan have seven each.  Kildare and Donagal have three players in contention with Kerry providing two and there being one each from Armagh, Carlow, Fermanagh and Laois.

The final 15 that make up the PwC All-Star Football team of 2018 will be presented with their awards at a gala black-tie banquet in Dublin’s Convention Centre on Friday, November 2, which will be screened live by RTE TV.

The selection was voted on by a committee made up of GAA media, and chaired by GAA President John Horan.

One of the contentious issues from last year was the fact that Dublin did not land the coveted Footballer of the Year award with that going instead to Mayo’s Andy Moran.  The selection of three Dublin plauyers for that shortlist means there will be no accusations of an ‘anyone but Dublin’ vote among the inter county players who make that selection.

They will choose this year between Ciarán Kilkenny, Jack McCaffrey and Brian Fenton for the senior prize.

The shortlist for the Young Footballer of the Year prize is confined to players under the age of 21 and this year’s nominees are Dublin’s Brian Howard, Kerry’s David Clifford and Tyrone’s Michael McKernan.

“My congratulations to all of those who have been nominated for these prestigious PwC All Star Awards,” said Horan.

“After the fantastic summer of action that we have just had, with all the extra games and all the extra drama of the new quarter-final football format, it adds even greater honour to be chosen on this shortlist as one of the top performers of the season.”

“We have a selection of 45 players who lit up our season and we are indebted to them for the sacrifices they make to play Gaelic football at such a high level.”

“As a player, this is one of the most special awards you can receive, added Gaelic Players Association Chairman Seamus Hickey.

“We all know the hard work that is put in, not only through the championship season, but all year around and the winners of these awards are testament to that.”

The full list of nominees for the second year of PwC’s sponsorship of the All Star awards is:

Gaelic Players


1. Stephen Cluxton (Dublin)
2. Graham Brody (Laois)
3. Rory Beggan (Monaghan


1. Eoghan Bán Gallagher (Donegal)
2. Jonny Cooper (Dublin)
3. Jack McCaffrey (Dublin)
4. Eoin Murchan (Dublin)
5. James McCarthy (Dublin)
6. Che Cullen (Fermanagh)
7. Sean Kelly (Galway)
8. Eoghan Kerin (Galway)
9. Seán Andy Ó Ceallaigh (Galway)
10. Gavin White (Kerry)
11. Eoin Doyle (Kildare
12. Karl O’Connell (Monaghan)
13. Drew Wylie (Monaghan)
14. Ryan Wylie (Monaghan
15. Padraig Hampsey (Tyrone)
16. Michael McKernan (Tyrone)
17. Tiernan McCann (Tyrone
18. Peter Harte (Tyrone)


1. Michael Murphy (Donegal)
2. Brian Fenton (Dublin)
3. Thomas Flynn (Galway)
4. Niall Kearns (Monaghan)
5. Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone)
6. Mattie Donnelly (Tyrone)


1. Rory Grugan (Armagh)
2. Paul Broderick (Carlow)
3. Ryan McHugh (Donegal)
4. Niall Scully (Dublin)
5. Ciarán Kilkenny (Dublin)
6. Brian Howard (Dublin)
7. Paul Mannion (Dublin)
8. Dean Rock (Dublin)
9. Con O’Callaghan (Dublin)
10. Shane Walsh (Galway)
11. Damien Comer (Galway)
12. Ian Burke (Galway)
13. David Clifford (Kerry)
14. Daniel Flynn (Kildare)
15. Paul Cribben (Kildare)
16. Conor McManus (Monaghan)
17. Ryan McAnespie (Monaghan)
18. Niall Sludden (Tyrone)

Footballer of the Year Nominees

1. Brian Fenton (Dublin)
2. Ciarán Kilkenny (Dublin)
3. Jack McCaffrey (Dublin)

Young Footballer of the Year Nominees

1. Brian Howard (Dublin)
2. David Clifford (Kerry)
3. Michael McKernan (Tyrone)


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