Dublin Fades into Background for Taylor

Hopes of a Katie Taylor World Title Fight in Dublin have been confirmed on ice following news that she will take on Victoria Bustos is a World Title unification fight at New York’s Barclay Centre on April 28th.

The fight will be broadcast on this side of the Atlantic by Sky Sports though no broadcast partner has yet been named for the US market.

Taylor’s standing in the boxing world continues to rise and this fight will if successful mean that she will likely be staying in America to fight for the bulk of the rest of her career.

US Pay Per View revenues determine where the fights are held and with primetime in Ireland being only late afternoon in the United States that makes a Title fight in Dublin highly unlikely.

“Becoming unified champion is very important to me,” said Taylor speaking yesterday to Sky Sports on the announcement of the fight.

“Last year was great but I’m not really one for looking back and it’s all about the next challenge.”

It’s a shame for Irish fight fans but just like in the case of Conor McGregor it would appear that the mighty dollar shouts much louder than any sentimental desire to fight again at the highest level on home turf.

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