Dublin Marathon Guarantees Entry for Previous Runners

The organisers of the KBC Dublin Marathon have had to partly row back on changes to the entry process for next year’s race following a backlash from those who have competed in the race in the past.

Instead of a full lottery based entry system it was announced yesterday that anyone who has participated in one of the last three editions of the event will be able to guarantee their place in 2020 provided they enter within 72 hours of receiving a unique URL enabling them to do so.

The URL will be issued at 12 noon today, Friday 1st November.

The KBC Dublin Marathon Race organisers also confirmed that a significant factor in the move to the lottery system for the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon, in addition to the increased demand experienced over the last number of years, is to gauge the total level of interest in participation in the Dublin marathon.

This is to enable the KBC Dublin Marathon Race organisers to prepare a strategic plan for the future development of the event in consultation with the event’s multiple stakeholders.

Moving to a lottery system will allow the KBC Dublin Marathon race organisers determine the overall interest levels from the amount of lottery registrations as opposed to the current system where applications cut off as soon as the 22,500 capacity is reached.

The total number was expanded from 20,000 this year.

Based on the experience of recent years, the KBC Dublin Marathon organisers expect total interest to exceed capacity and the lottery is seen as a fair way to determine participation where interest exceeds capacity.

A number of places in the KBC Dublin Marathon have also been allocated to the Athletics Ireland membership as the race also serves as the Athletics Ireland National Marathon Championships. Application for these places will open on 1st April 2020 and will be allocated in accordance with the KBC Dublin Marathon Good for Age standards. Applicants must have a valid Athletics Ireland membership to be eligible.

Around 18 per cent of participants, amounting to approximately 4,000 runners, partake in the KBC Dublin Marathon in consecutive years.

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Image credit: Dan Sheridan, Inpho.ie

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