Dubs Happy to Chat with AIG

Dean Rock and Sinead Finnegan from the Dublin All Ireland winning men’s and women’s teams paid a visit to sponsor AIG’s offices in Dublin yesterday as a thank you to staff for the support they have received through their year of success.

They brought along the Sam Maguire and Brendan Martin trophies as well in a gesture of appreciation that goes beyond the traditional thanks form the Hogan Stand as part of the winning captain’s speech.

AIG have backed Football and Hurling, Ladies Football and Camogie in the capital since they came on board as sponsors in 2014.

“We’re very proud to have representatives from both winning sides here with us,” said AIG General Manager Declan O’Rourke.

“On behalf of everyone in AIG, I would wholeheartedly like to thank the players for taking the time out of what I’m sure is a busy celebratory schedule to be here with us and I would also like to wish all the players the best for the remaining games in the club calendar.”

Rock and Finnegan were free with their time for staff and media and happy to talk about a variety of issues from the GPS ‘chucking’ incident as the winning free kick was being taken, “I thought it was just a piece of muck”, through to the need for players to fundraise in order to pay for a group holiday, “It’s actually the same for both the men and the women, we all have to beat the drum a bit to raise the money.”

AIG’s business has benefitted greatly from its association with sport around the world and that is very much the case in Ireland with the success of the Dublin teams.

They are canny as well about when to dial up the commercial aspects of their business and yesterday’s celebration was also used to introduce news of discounts for GAA club members around travel insurance.

It’s not normally the first thought that comes to mind at a GAA event but with the travails of Ryanair and talk of postseason holidays in the air, the business timing was pretty spot on.

Watch out next week for news of a new initiative from AIG and Sport for Business involving some of those involved in yesterday’s meet and greet and others from across the spectrum of Irish sport and business…

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