Dundalk and Fyffes Next Chapter

They may not have the budget of some of Ireland’s largest sports sponsors but Fyffes have made best use of video content telling the story of Dundalk FC over the past four seasons.

‘The Next Chapter’ is the fourth video in the series produced by Fyffes since its sponsorship of the Club began in 2014.

Like its predecessors, it has been created with social in mind and the series as a whole has now been viewed over one million times.

The storyline of this latest video deals with the Club’s response to the challenge being set by rivals and its disappointment at having missed out on winning their fourth league title in a row last year.

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The first video – launched in 2014 and entitled ‘Every Step of the Way’ – depicted the Club’s emergence from times of difficulty. ‘The Town’, released a year later, placed an emphasis on the people of Dundalk and the importance of the club to the region. The 2016 launch of ‘The Captain’s Armband’ recalled the story of Dundalk FC as seen through the eyes of Club captains, past and present.

“As with all clubs in major competitions, strong backing has a vital role to play,” said Fyffes Managing Director Gerry Cunningham launching the video.

“As a company strongly rooted in Dundalk, Fyffes is proud that the sense of security our sponsorship brings allows administrators, team managers, players and coaches to focus more effectively on the important task of winning matches.”

“Fyffes’ ongoing sponsorship is helping the Club achieve success and is providing a way for us to share our journey as the team’s story unfolds,” added Dundalk FC Chairman Michael Treacy.


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