Dunphy, Brady and Giles Reunited on Screen

December is a time for looking back and indulging in treats from the past. That takes form on TV tonight when Eamon Dunphy, John Giles and Liam Brady will be back in the punditry game alongside each other for the Premier Sports coverage of Burnley against Man City in the Premier League.

It is likely, barring any major rows tonight, or maybe more so because of any potential scraps, that the three will be back for the same channel’s coverage in the coming weeks of Liverpool against Everton and Arsenal against Brighton.

It is normal that the anchor maintains a neutral stance but Ivan yates who will be in the opposing chair against the three amigo’s tonight has never hidden his long-time love affair with Man City so he is unlikely to start that now as he sidesteps current affairs coverage on Newstalk and Virgin media to make his sports hosting debut.

Premier Sports is one of the premium channels to be found as part of the new Sky Sports Extra package that includes all BT Sport coverage including from the Heineken Champions Cup where another voice from days past Ryle Nugent has been behind the microphone in recent weeks.

Dunphy, Giles and Brady have not been seen together on screen since 2016 and it will be interesting to see if they can recreate the chemistry that accompanied so many of the highs and lows of Irish soccer over nearly 30 years.

Whether Ivan Yates can resist the temptation to dive into more political matters at the FAI will be another interesting subplot.

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