€5 Million Boost for Irish Sport

Irish sport is to receive a €5 million financial boost from the Dormant Account Fund managed by the Department of Rural and Community Development.

The money is on top of the €62.2 Million which Sport Ireland was due to receive across 2019 from the Department for Transport, Tourism and Sport.

It has been allocated very specifically across three areas of expenditure.

€2.56 Million will be spent on measures for disadvantaged communities in support of the National Physical Activity Plan.

According to the Department’s plan published to coincide with the funding announcement one of the key measures to be supported here will be the promotion of Community Physical Activity Hubs run through the network of Local Sports Partnerships as well as of the Get Ireland Running, Walking, Swimming and Cycling Campaigns.

Reference is also made within this expenditure of behavioural science research being conducted into increasing participation in sport by individuals in disadvantaged areas.

The second block of funding is €1.47 Million towards the continued support of 31 Community Sport and Physical Activity Hubs through Local Sports partnerships and for the support of five new Hubs to be determined by an open competitive process bearing geographic spread in mind.

Westmeath, Roscommon and Dublin City are three local authorities yet to receive funding towards a hub and should, therefore, be towards the top of a list for where those new ones will be designated.

The third block of funding, amounting to €963,333 will go towards a National Sport Education and Training Hub aimed at providing a ‘clear education pathway for those interested in working in sports development.’

This should enable a second phase of the ASPIRE programme which saw 16 internships created for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to work within National Governing Bodies.

“I am delighted to announce a further €5 million in funding for sport measures through the Dormant Accounts Fund,” said Minister Shane Ross.

“This funding is in addition to my Department’s €62.2 million allocation to Sport Ireland in 2019. This investment will play a vital role in supporting the objectives of our National Sports Policy and ensuring that sport and physical activity is accessible and inclusive for everyone across the country.”

“I welcome the continued investment in sport and physical activity through the Dormant Accounts Fund,” added Minister of State Brendan Griffin.

“To date, my Department has worked closely with Sport Ireland, the National Governing Bodies for Sport, and Local Sports Partnerships to ensure the continued development and implementation of a wide range of initiatives at a local level. The funding secured for sport and physical activity will help those from disadvantaged backgrounds to be more active, more often.”

“Projects funded under previous rounds of the Dormant Accounts Fund have borne positive results and it is a credit to our National Governing Bodies for Sport and Local Sports Partnerships that these projects are now flourishing and sustainable,” said Sport Ireland CEO John Treacy.

“The initiatives facilitated are adding significant value to the quality of life at a local level. Sport Ireland places a premium on ensuring everyone has an opportunity to partake in sport no matter what their circumstance and the Dormant Accounts Fund is assisting us in realising that ambition.”

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