Early Messages on Funding from Budget 2018

Further details will emerge today of the funding for sport from within yesterday’s budget and we will bring them to you as they do.

In the Budget documents released last night the programme allocation for Sport and recreation services is the second largest within the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport at a figure of €127 million.

This is a long way behind the allocation to Land Transport of €1.36 billion as one would expect but head of Tourism services at €121 million, Maritime Transport and Safety at €95 million and Civil Aviation at €26 million.

The principles against which the expenditure on sport has been allocated have been listed in the budget document as being

“To promote sports participation and to contribute to a healthier and more active society.”

Under this Programme, the allocation for 2018 allows the Department and its Agencies to:

  • Provide support for programmes aimed at increasing participation in sport and supporting high-performance sport;
  • Meet existing commitments under the Sports Capital Programme as well as new allocations under the 2017 round of the programme which will be announced later this year;
  • Support the developments of Páirc Uí Chaoimh and Kerry Sports Academy at ITT;
  • Meet existing commitments under the Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme.

The Capital programme and the two significant projects listed will account for a chunk of the money and it is not yet clear how the amounts that will be made available to Sport Ireland, to other sporting bodies and in support of high performance and participation will be impacted but we will find out more later.

Over at the Department of Agriculture, there was disappointment that there would be no increase in the money allocated to Horse and greyhound racing.

The amount of €80 million split between the two sports on an 80/20 basis follows on from a €5 million increase last year which got the level back to where it was a decade earlier.

A strong case for an increase in betting duty to deliver a greater and more transparent return to the sports fell short again but will be renewed following the strong validation for it in the Deloitte Report into Horse Racing published last month.

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