Edging from Club to Individual

Cooper Lucozade SportLast week the Irish Sports Monitor highlighted the fact that while individual sports participation was climbing quickly, more of it than ever before was taking place outside of the club environment. 

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Within days proof of the commercial direction this could lead to has emerged with the official launch of this year’s Lucozade Sport kit promotion.

For the first time the promotion includes the ability for individuals as opposed to just clubs to claim training gear.


The collective power of an entire club storing bottle caps is not there but the amount of kit rehired is much less and while Soccer, Rugby and GAA feature prominently on the redemption site there is now a section dedicated to individuals to get gear including single training tops, hi-vis jackets and even beany hats.

All the equipment is manufactured in Ireland by Azzurri Sport and carries distinctive Lucozade Sport branding so expect to see more of it pounding the streets as winter stretches out it’s cold grip.

Clubs are still an important part of the Lucozade Sport Kit Out project and the ambassador for this year is Colm Cooper, closely associated with team sport.  Who would bet though against an individual athlete joining him this time next year.


Promotional codes from bottles of Lucozade Sport and Lucozade Sport Lite can be redeemed online at www.lucozadesport.ie with kit distributed directly.

“It’s brilliant to see Lucozade Sport continuing to invest in the grassroots clubs and sports people around Ireland by giving something useful back, said Cooper.

“Sports clubs continue to struggle to raise much needed funds to gather the right equipment for training and matches, and this initiative offers a really simple solution to getting kit.”

“We’re really excited about kicking off the project, added Lucozade Sport Brand Manager Laura Kavanagh.

“We have listened to sports people and clubs all around the country following the success of our previous kit collection initiative and our aim this year is to make it even easier for our consumers to get kit.”

“Not only are we working with clubs, we are also hoping to engage with individual sports people who can get their own training kit via our website by entering the codes from our bottles.”


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