Elite Working on Safe Return Tech

Irish company and Sport for Business member Elite Event Management has teamed up with North American based IoT solutions provider TRACEsafe to deliver a range of solutions aimed at helping stadia and venues across the UK and Ireland get spectators back on-site safely.

TRACEsafe is an intelligent contact tracing and physical distancing alert management solution delivered using wearable technology.

The technology is designed to help people maintain safe physical distancing with real-time alerts. Stadiums and venues will be able to provide spectators with the self-communicating wrist bands, and the technology can instantly detect safe distance violations, alerting the wearer to maintain social distancing.

The contact tracing solution performs multi-level contact mapping and alerts people who may have been exposed to an individual reported to have tested positive for COVID-19.

“We are delighted to partner with TRACEsafe as their preferred partner to fulfil the sales and deployment function for this exciting new product in the UK and Ireland region,” said Oliver Kirwan CEO of Elite Event Management.

“Considering the current COVID – 19 pandemic we have to ensure that there is a robust contact tracing mechanism in place and that we can help maintain physical distancing at all events. This technology will help allow spectators of all sports to return to attending matches and events, safely’”

“We continue to innovate so that our products can help fans get back into stadiums and venues in a safe and responsible manner,” added Tracesafe CEO Dennis Kwan.

“Stadiums and venues are vested in having their fans return to an environment that is safe, and Tracesafe technology solutions can play an important role in achieving this.”

While most contact tracing applications rely on mobile phones for connectivity to the internet, as well as GPS for location, Tracesafe technology is independent of the mobile phone, which further enhances privacy protection.

Deployment and piloting programmes are already underway. TRACEsafe solutions are being used by the Hong Kong government to manage and enforce their quarantine program for foreign visitors with initial deliveries completed.

Transatlantic Rugby League team the Toronto Wolf Pack are currently piloting the TRACEsafe wearable technology system in their home stadium. Singaporean construction firm Boustead Projects will use the company’s location management technology as it reopens its construction sites.

Could an Irish sporting organisation be next to join the list?

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