England Smashing TV Records

They’ve been trying to keep a lid on the expectation, by and large without success, but there is no denying that England’s World Cup bid is gathering attention.

24 million people tuned in at one point in the Penalty shoot out against Colombia on Tuesday night, making it the second most watched broadcast on British TV this decade, second only to the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and way ahead of the previous record high of 13 million for the Royal Wedding in May.

While we feign disinterest here RTÉ have reported that they drew a peak audience of 932,000 during the closing stages and an average of 632,000 marking 51 percent of the TV audience. Not bad at all for a hot summer evening on a tournament where we did not not qualify.

Great sporting drama is precisely that regardless of the sport and regardless of the colour of the shirt being worn. Sure there may have been a few Colombia supporters tuning in to see England’s oft-repeated demise but they are still there. RTÉ will have live coverage of their quarter-final against Sweden on Saturday afternoon and this World Cup has a lot more yet to give…

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