English Rugby’s Game of Our Lives

On a day when rugby hearts will be heavy, thoughts turn to the future and the need to have all aspects of the game pull together.

England are believed to be the only one of the major rugby nations to vote for Ireland’s bid to stage the 2023 Rugby World Cup and this week they launched a new campaign, ‘The Game of Our Lives’

The campaign launched with a short film, set to the poem ‘Law of the Jungle’ by Rudyard Kipling, and featuring players, volunteers and fans.

“We want to celebrate the people, the occasions, the dedication, the sportsmanship, the skill and the camaraderie that makes rugby so special,” said Joanna Manning-Cooper, the RFU’s executive director of marketing, communications and digital.

“This new campaign shows how rugby is a sport for everyone, recognising and celebrating those at its core, and demonstrating everything rugby can offer.”

It’s a pretty impressive piece of content to revive the spirit of the sport here as well.

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