Exclusive: New Ringers Sports Brand Launches Today

The crossover between the worlds of sport and creativity has a new major player this morning with the launch of Ringers, a new Dublin based creative brand development agency dedicated to sport.

Former Rothco creative talent, Emer Howard, Bobby Byrne, and Steven Mangan have combined their heavyweight industry expertise to launch Ringers with a stated aim to
give Brands, athletes and Sports organisations ‘an unfair competitive advantage through creativity.’

They certainly have the credentials to make a real and immediate impact here in Ireland but also further afield.

Between them, the trio have worked with high profile clients such as PUMA, Vodafone, Heineken, O2, Rory McIlroy, the FAI, and AIB, telling the unique stories of sportsmen and women.

Their portfolio includes the Silver Cannes-Lion-winning Irish Defence Forces ‘Join My Team’, AIB’s ‘The Toughest’, and Vodafone’s ‘Team of Us’ campaigns, all of which have set a new high bar for the ways in which brands have viewed a relationship with sport.

“We are bringing the business of creativity to the business of sport because we believe there are huge opportunities for brands to grow through their involvement in sport,” said Howard.

“There are real opportunities for sports people to grow through their engagement with brands.”

“Athletes and teams deserve the love and expertise available to more traditional brands. That’s why we’re going 100 percent, all-in on sport.”

“We love the competition at the heart of sports marketing,” added Bobby Byrne.

“Take the World Cup and the Olympics. As the athletes and teams compete for medals and trophies, brands compete for the hearts and minds of the audience. Banks compete with beers. Airlines compete with soft drinks.”

“That appeals to our competitive side. At Ringers, we’ve built a way to do what we’re good at and what we enjoy. Because we firmly believe that the best work is done by people who love what they’re doing.”

“The days of solving the same old problems with the same old ways are long gone,” according to Steven Mangan.

“We’re not afraid to put skin in the game. Using the Ringers Network wisely and selecting the right talent that matches our values and meets our standards for the job allows us to keep the talent high and the overheads low.”

Ringers is entering a marketplace where brands like Lidl, Allianz, AIB, Vodafone, eir and many more have moved their sponsorship of sport into the heart of their mainstream advertising.

They are doing this well beyond the traditional strong image and well crafted 30 second TV slot and both they and the sports they have aligned with are winning as a result. Ladies Football’s record attendance and TV audience for last month’s All Ireland Final is down at least in part to the major push that Lidl has given to changing the perception of the sport and bringing it to a wider audience.

Only this week AIB are releasing their latest engagement with the GAA through a four-part miniseries on YouTube that could never have been imagined only a few short years ago.

Across the range of large to smaller engagements. with other brands like Nissan, Electric Ireland, Littlewoods Ireland, Bank of Ireland and so many more Sport for Business has witnessed and commented on this greater demand for creativity within the sports marketing sphere.

We work closely with agencies across traditional advertising, communications and content and we are delighted this morning to welcome Ringers to our community.

“Sport for Business is a no-brainer for us,” said Howard. “It exists at the juncture of sport and business, exactly where we want to be.”

Ringers, William Fry and The Reputations Agency are the latest recent organisations to join the more than 230 groups that play an active part in the Sport for Business community.

Sport for Business features regular interviews and events with our members providing exclusive insight on the relationships that work best for sport and business.

What could we do together for your organisation?

Image Credit: Ringers

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