Experiencing Racing Ownership

Sport for Business has formed the first syndicate of racehorse ownership to be part of an exciting new initiative with Horse Racing Ireland.

The ‘Experience It’ campaign offers individuals and groups with an interest in racing the opportunity to trial racehorse ownership. The launch took place at trainer Paul Deegan’s yard in Athy, County Kildare yesterday.

The campaign facilitates a group to lease a horse for a day. In the lead up to the raceday they can follow their horse’s progress, visit the trainer’s yard and have a runner on the track in their name.

The Sport for Business syndicate is kicking off the campaign with trainer Paul Deegan.

Our horse, Mystery Gal is a four-year-old filly, was a winner last time out, and the group is hopeful for a good run in their colours.

The syndicate of seven includes Rob Hartnett, founder of Sports for Business, Peter McKenna, Commercial Director of the GAA, Shirley Corcoran, Retail Operations Manager at KBC and Edward Evans, Partner at Beauchamps Solicitors.

“This is a taster experience for people with a curiosity in racehorse ownership. Very simply it allows people try out ownership,” said Amber Byrne, Owner Recruitment Manager mat Horse Racing Ireland

“Through networking and promotion we are recruiting people from the corporate and sporting sectors to join syndicates. We have a number of groups ready to go as and when horses become available.”

“The ultimate aim is to convert people into ownership but it is also about raising the profile of ownership and racing in general, promoting the syndicate model and allowing people to look behind the scenes. All parties will sign a day lease binding them by the rules of racing.”

“This initiative has lots of potential,” added trainer Paul Deegan.

“Anything that gets new people involved in the sport and gets people talking about ownership is a positive step. I am delighted to welcome the first ‘Experience It’ owners to Boley. A winner would be the icing on the cake but either way this will allow members of the Sport for Business syndicate to look under the bonnet of racehorse ownership and have a bit of fun along the way.”

“This is a great initiative to bring people closer to the sounds, smells and visceral excitement of what it’s like to be part of owning a racehorse,” said Sport for Business Founder Rob Hartnett.

“The Sport for Business community is one that understands the thrill of sport but may never have gotten ‘inside the ropes’ until now.”

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