Exploring the World of Twitch

It is said that you should try to learn one new thing every day and that this is the best way to stay on top. At Sport for Business we try to help get that learning done early in the day and we also like to put items before you from fellow members that will help you if not today then perhaps at some point.

Today at 11 am our friends at Sotic, the digital company behind the Guinness Six Nations and Guinness PRO14 websites is hosting a webinar on making the most of Twitch.

Twitch is the live streaming service owned by Amazon that attracts 15 million daily users, largely in the world of gaming and eSports but with the potential to become a hone for streaming of other live-action of which sport would be a major player.

Today’s Sotic webinar will include a live session with Farhan Ahmed, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Twitch about how to use the streaming platform to engage new audiences.

Fresh from working on Formula 1’s new strategic partnership with the broadcaster, he will discuss why sports organisations and brands that are in commercial partnership with them should consider using Twitch as part of their digital marketing efforts.

It promises to be an insight into a world that is developing fast and may well become a part of the language of sports broadcast and consumption sooner than we think. Wouldn’t it be good to get out ahead of the game?

Click here to sign up for the webinar and receive the joining instructions. We might see you there at 11.

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Image credit: Twitch

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