FA Goes ‘Dark Web’ For FA Cup

The FA Cup may not have the glamour and attraction of years gone by but the FA is taking steps to use it as a way of reaching out to new younger audiences and experimenting with ‘dark web’ social media marketing.

The #CupCollective was unveiled prior to the weekend games.  It involves a group of creatives and influencers brought together via a dark social WhatsApp group for the course of this Emirates FA Cup season.

They will be given behind the scenes access to look at the competition, and indeed the sport from a different perspective of their own backgrounds in music, fashion, gaming and design.

“We’re really excited to be working with creatives such as Poet and Vuj to lead the ‘#CupCollective’,” said FA Head of Marketing Georgina Lewis.

“Their influence and passion points from music and fashion, to design and gaming allows our creatives to take the Emirates FA Cup beyond the pitch and reach the younger generation of football fans.”

The group was pulled together by PR Firm Mischief PR and is a closed group which will collaborate and discuss on WhatsApp before releasing to the wider social media community through different channels.

A similar approach was adopted by Munster Rugby, Adidas and Lifestyle Sports last year when a group of influential young designers was enlisted to help in the promotion of the new at the time Munster Alternate kit.

It may not find favour with some for whom the game itself is the only thing that matters but in a world where diversity of interest and short attention spans are running counter to the traditional sporting appeal of a large-scale gathering of shared emotion, it is an experiment that will be worth keeping an eye on.


Image Credit: The FA

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