FAI Submission Deadline Today

Today is the closing date for submissions on the future of the FAI and how it might be governed.

The FAI and Sport Ireland established a Governance Review Group last month to review the existing governance arrangements within the FAI and to consider and propose a governance framework for the FAI which will support the Board and the organisation in achieving and observing good governance.

Chaired by Sport Ireland nominee Aidan Horan, the Group also includes independent members Dr Moling Ryan and Joe O’Leary along with FAI representatives Rea Walshe and Niamh O’Donoghue.

The appointment of Noel Mooney from UEFA as temporary General Manager for Football Services and Partnerships will free up Walshe to take a full-time role on the Governance Issues from within the senior management of the FAI.

The FAI said on Friday that “the Group is actively working on the functions within its terms of reference and remains on course to deliver an interim report in the middle of June.”

“We very much welcome the detailed submissions we have already received from many individuals and groups with an interest in Irish football,” according to Aidan Horan.

“We would like to remind all interested parties yet to participate in this process that the closing date for submissions is May 20th. We can confirm again that all submissions will feed into our deliberations as we progress our work. We are confident that we will have an interim report on schedule by June 14th.”

FAI members, sponsors and key stakeholders in Irish football were invited to submit their ideas on the future of the game, alongside others including the Professional Footballers’ Association of Ireland and members of the public.

In order to be considered, submissions need to be made today via email to governance@fai.ie.

Sport for Business will be making its submission based on our knowledge of sports and business administration.

We will also factor in some of the elements that have driven the event we are staging on ‘A New Playbook for Sports Governance’ that will take place on June 7th in partnership with 2Into3 and Mason, Hayes & Curran.

Join us on May 31st for a morning of exploring Irish sports sponsorship and seeing some of the most exciting projects coming down the tracks from 16 different sporting bodies over the next 12 months

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