FAI To Limit Board Terms

The FAI has ratified the introduction of eight-year term limits for Board members following an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday.

The move has come about in response to insistence from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport that all National Governing Bodies in receipt of state funding should abide by a stronger governance code.

The Department suggested that no board member should serve more than three three year terms whereas the FAI rule change has the limit set at two four year terms.

Noone will step down straight away and as a means of ensuring continuity and experience, those sitting board members who chair one of the standing committees or the National League Executive Committee will be allowed to stand for one more four-year term at the conclusion of their current one.

CEO John Delaney is exempt from the new rules because he is an employee of the FAI.

It means that the first new members of the board will begin to appear from 2023, with the exception of replacements for Nonorary Secretary Michael Cody and Honorary treasurer Eddie Murphy who will be replaced when their current terms expire.

“The Association has been working hard to endorse the new guidelines from Government and we welcome this vote, said FAI Secretary Rea Walshe, Company Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee.

“The establishment of a Governance Committee has been an important part of this process because it has allowed us to review the Code and recommend a number of policies which the Board have been receptive to in order to bring us in line with the Governance Code.”

“We are very aware of the need for change and we are working hard to implement this significant step in the process. The Association, at all levels, will continue to look at ways to improve our governance and ensure proper succession planning for Directors.”

“The introduction of new term limits is a step forward for Irish football,” added CEO John Delaney.

“The EGM showed that the Board and members fully endorse the need for change.”

“While the maximum term limit in the Governance Code is nine-year term limits, it was felt that eight years accurately reflected the appropriate amount of time for our Board members to serve and to ensure that we did not lose their expertise and experience immediately but have a thought out succession planning process.”



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