Fantasy Football with Sport for Business

Being a member of Sport for Business should be of value in terms of your organisation but it should also bring a little fun along the way as well.

This weekend sees the start of the new Premier League season in England, the world biggest annual tournament in terms of the value of the teams taking part and the partnerships they have signed with some of the biggest brands.

It is the most viewed, the most socially engaged and the most revenue generating of any League in the world.

In the Deloitte Football report published earlier this year Man United, despite finishing only fifth in the League in 2016, still topped the earning table of clubs around the world with revenues for the year of an incredible €689 Million, that’s ten times the revenue of our GAA.

If we can’t learn from what’s going on in the Premier League then we are in the wrong game and the best way to learn is to look closely.

For that reason then we are re-establishing the Sport for Business Private League as part of the Premier League Fantasy Football League.

We will have a small trophy for the ultimate League Champion, Monthly medals for those who perform best in each month and will carry updates on progress on Sport for Business throughout the season.

The code to enter the league is 2017122-564649 and you can do so from the site here.

It’s easier this year than before to update and play on mobile and sure isn’t it fun to have a budget to play around with that extends to £100 Million.

Let the games commence.

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