Federation and Sport Ireland Keeping Sport up to Speed

The Federation of Irish Sport has been active in maintaining regular contact with sport’s National Governing Bodies throughout the period of lockdown and yesterday sent out the latest in a fortnightly update for members.

“We know it’s a challenge to remain motivated while balancing life, work and family at this time, however we must work together and keep communicating during these challenging times,” wrote CEO Mary O’Connor.

“On Friday evening the Taoiseach announced a road map for the country’s reopening and recovery. This road map gives a broad guideline as to when various elements of sport and physical activity will be able to return safely.”

“The Federation encourages all our members to submit any queries or questions on the Return To Sport protocols to Sport Ireland immediately as they are working on the sector’s behalf to compile a comprehensive document on this topic.”

That is the kind of collective work feeding into a central point that is critical so that everyone can keep up to speed and proper information can be provided to the different levels of Government and the Public Health authorities without them being swamped.

Sport is only one element of emerging from the lockdown in the safest way possible, but it is an important one in terms of the wellbeing of the nation.

The steps we take will be scrutinised closely both within and without the sporting millions up and down the country.

All sports are managing their own lines of communication to members and clubs and only a small fraction of that work makes it into the mainstream media which makes it even more important.

Sport for Business will continue to highlight the areas that we can to provide a balanced sense of how the coming weeks and months might unfold. We are only part of the communications work that is being done though and staying in touch with the most authoritative sources will deliver far more than listening to every rumour in every whats app group.

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