FIFA18 All You Need to Know

The launch of EA Sports FIFA game each year has become a crossover between sport, culture, and gaming in a way that could hardly have been envisioned when the game was first launched back in 1993.

And it just keeps getting bigger. Last year’s edition outsold the previous year by 18 percent and this year’s launched at the weekend is already expected to top that again.

FIFA is the only game that makes the Top 20 when it comes to eSports but as such it is the one most likely to secure a place for traditional sport in this most modern of phenomena.

From a technical point of view, there is a lot to love about the FIFA backstory with 9,000 reviewers around the world checking an estimated 5.4 million data points that go into creating the close to ‘real-life’ attributes of players.

David Meyler was out and about promoting the Irish launch of the game and he was keen to pour cold water on the idea that players would prepare to face a particular opponent by playing the game as opposed to watching real-life video footage of them.

That may be the case but will it always be so?

You have to like the blurring of reality and gaming thet the brand highlights in the pre-launch ad for this year’s game.

The FAI, Red Bull and eir Sport are among the more than 220 organisations that play an active part of the Sport for Business community.  

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