FIFAWWC is ‘Social Video Gold’

In the 90 days leading up to the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, specific branded content focused on the tournament was viewed 71.2 million times around the world of social.

Nike, Visa and Qatar Airways led the way with their top video content attracting 19.2 million, 5.6 million and 5.3 million views respectively.

They are the tip of the iceberg though according to research from content monitoring company Tubular who have discovered 721 individual World Cup themed videos from different brands that were uploaded in those three months running into the tournament.

It’s not just been a ‘sisters’ appeal either with 79 per cent of the views attributed to Men.

A concerted campaign to curate and highlight content by Twitter has paid off for them as well with 32.2 million of the views being though that channel as opposed to 25.4 million on Facebook, 7.3 million on Instagram and 6.3 million on YouTube.

Here are the top three performing content videos that have been leading the way.

Brilliant content created to inspire.

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