Financial ‘Doping’ on Newstalk

Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business was a guest on Newstalk’s The Hard Shoulder with Ivan Yates yesterday talking about the complexity of ‘Fair Play’ in football.

The Financial Fair Play Rules were introduced in order to counter the temptation for clubs to rack up unsustainable debt in order to chase down the biggest prizes.

The story was kicked off by reports that Paris St Germain is being investigated by UEFA and went into detail on the potential sanctions, how the rules work and the vast levels of financial muscle that are now at play in international sport.

If Irish tourism was worth €5.8 Billion in 2017, who is to say that the reported €120 Million paid to PSG by the Qatar Tourism Authority is above fair value, the crux of the matter in connection to the unfolding story in Paris

You can listen back to the interview here on the Newstalk website in Part 1 of the Hard Shoulder, 32 minutes into the programme. (At the top of the page)


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