Ford Marks ‘The Return’ with Content Investment

Ford The ReturnThe willingness of brands to invest ever larger sums in content creation is a trend that has rapidly become normal practice over the past two years. In Ireland we had AIB taking plaudits for ‘The Toughest’ documentary series in TV3 in 2015 and switching to RTE in 2016.

On a global scale Ford are using similar techniques to herald the 50th anniversary of a seminal moment in it’s history. In 1966 Ford became the first, and still the only US manufacturer, to win the famous Le man 24 Hour race in France.

To mark the 50th anniversary in 2016, Ford has developed a new super car to go back and try repeat the achievement.

Watch out for a unique opportunity for Sport for Business Members to experience the thrill of motor racing in Ireland in the summer of 2016…

The US brand is favouring online and social distribution as opposed to mainstream broadcasters, but is still investing heavily in the creation of the content. When the project was announced nearly two years ago it generated substantial interest among ‘petrol heads’ but the brand wanted the story of why to reach a wider audience and so is producing a series of five ‘less than four minute’ episodes in a documentary series that will, they hope spread through social channels and give the real back story as to why it is important.

As Executive Chairman Bill Ford says in the first episode below, the development of a new GT40 will add little to revenue but in terms of the reputation of the company it will be huge.

It’s another step forward in brands wanting you not so much as just buy from them but to empathise with what they stand for an in many ways to actually love them.

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