Funding Sport at Local Level

Sport Ireland has published the 12th edition of the Sport Ireland Local Sports Partnerships Annual Report.

The report provides an overview of the work of the 29 LSPs across the country, and highlights the innovative good practice projects and programmes that are being operated locally.

Over €21 million was invested in the LSP network during the year, including benefit in kind funding.

“The work of the Local Sports Partnership Network is vital in providing opportunities and increasing participation, particularly among those sectors of society which are underrepresented in sport,” said Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Brendan Griffin TD launching the report in Killarney on Friday.

“This work is making a substantial contribution to the health and wellbeing of individuals, local communities and the wider population. The 2018 Annual Report of the Local Sports Partnership Network puts a spotlight on the many innovative local projects which are being undertaken across the country which provide an opportunity for all members of society, young and old, to take part in a wide range of sport and physical activities.”

“One of Sport Ireland’s key priorities for the Local Sports Partnership network is the sustainable development within the local sports infrastructure,” added Sport Ireland CEO John Treacy.

“This report shows that LSPs are doing vital work with clubs and groups ensuring that structures are in place to allow people across the various target groups to participate in sport. I would like to thank all of the agencies, groups and individuals who have contributed to this report, and to those who were involved in the delivery of the programmes and projects at local level.”

Sport Ireland Director of Participation and Ethics, Dr Una May, under whose remit the network of Sports Partnerships lie, added that “Increasing participation across every age group and from all social backgrounds throughout Ireland is one of the key aims of Sport Ireland.”

“The 2018 Local Sports Partnerships Annual Report highlights the many great initiatives and projects run by the LSPs to remove barriers that hinder participation in sport and physical activity. Sport Ireland, through the Local Sports Partnership network, will continue to take a strategic approach with regard to programme delivery, continuing to place a strong emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of the programmes delivered.”

The full 2018 LSP Annual Report can be viewed below.

2018 LSP Annual Report Highlights:

  • 29 Local Sports Partnerships (LSPs)
  • 390,571 people participated in 1,229 locally delivered participation initiatives
  • 25,138 females took part in 134 local Women in Sport initiatives
  • 17,500 people took part in Operation Transformation 5k Fun Run and Nationwide Walks
  • 24,697 children took part in The Daily Mile with LSP support
  • 2,368 Clubs/Groups were supported by LSPs
  • LSPs planned and delivered 311 training and education courses, 23,892 people participated on these training courses
  • 9,037 completed 512 Safeguarding Courses
  • 25 LSPs were supported with Community Sports Development Officer positions
  • 21 LSPs were supported with Sports Inclusion Disability Officer positions
  • Over €21m was invested in the LSP network, including benefit in kind funding