Funding Sports Capital Through Clubs

With €50 Million being distributed for Capital Sports Grants in the latest round of Government funding, understanding the landscape of how to apply and how to succeed are a vital part of how clubs need to consider their own facility planning.

Sport for business partner 2Into3 recently hosted a session for 15 clubs across Cricket Leinster looking into the opportunities and the pitfalls of the application process.

With Government intent on maintaining the Sports Capital Programme in 2018, planning for the next round is vital.

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The Sports Capital Grant Masterclass was attended by 23 representatives from 15 Cricket Leinster clubs.

Participants were given an in-depth look at the Sports Capital landscape, analysing the performance of cricket compared to other sports, while also analysing the performance of Cricket Leinster clubs.

The high rates of invalidity of applications across clubs and sports were addressed while there were guidelines given on how to strengthen proposals.

A follow-up meeting for clubs based on the ways in which they can develop different fundraising strategies will take place next Wednesday for the clubs of Leinster cricket.

Next week Sport for Business and 2Into3 will announce details of a special roadshow for clubs in one of our major sports taking place in the near future.

Finding ways to help clubs to help themselves is a key way of how National Governing Bodies and Regional units can give practical help and assistance to the individual clubs on which the sporting infrastructure is based.

It’s great to be part of a group that is doing just that across multiple sports for the common good.

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