Future Proof Media Opens The Door

Future Proof Media is a new multi media marketing agency targeting small and medium sized companies and nailing its sporting colours firmly to a mast at its Dublin launch yesterday.

Foe a new company that puts social media first and foremost they delivered for themselves yesterday having Noelle Healy and Ian Burke chatting to media about issues ranging from doctors leave and a twitter spat with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to training regimes in Gamway between Club and Country.

Both resulted in plenty of coverage on social as well as in mainstream media and that constitutes a good awareness building launch for the new agency.

The business is the brainchild of three like minded friends Conor Talty, Sean Higgins and Joey Boland.

“The whole premise stemmed from the fact that Joey, who owns Sports Physio Ireland was constantly being pitched complicated marketing programmes by agencies who spoke a different language, or as we like to call it, spoof,” said Talty speaking last night to Sport for Business.

“So with that in mind we decided to start our own consultancy that aims not only to grow businesses but also teach the owners how to do this themselves without us.”

“Our aim is to work with small and medium businesses all over Ireland to help them grow their business using big brand marketing tactics at a fraction of the cost.”
“We try to not to confuse business owners with complicated marketing bluff, the main KPI’s we are interested in improving for them is visits to their website or store, growing leads and increasing sales.”
Talty has plenty of media experience to call on having worked on the AIB and Electric Ireland accounts while an Account Manager at Wilson Hartnell for two years.  He then worked with Maximum Media and Balls so will know about digital media from the inside.
Higgins joins the group having been a consultant in business and technology with Accenture.
The lads certainly seem willing to bring a fresh, youthful perspective to sports marketing and we wish them the very best of luck on the new adventure.


Image Credits: Ramsey Cardy, Sportsfile

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