Future Proofing Sport in Schools

We have long been admirers of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.  It helps to lift young people’s eyes to a new horizon and breeds the kind of smarts and ambition that lead us on as a society.

On Wednesday of this week, we spent the morning at the sporting version of this, the PEXPO which was staged for the fourth year, and for the first time at Dublin City University.

Rather than Nobel Prize Winners and Heads of Google and Accenture who would be appearing now at the RDS in January we were in the company of Dublin All Ireland winner Johnny Cooper and DCU President Bríain McCraith but their presence in itself was an indicator that this event will grow in years to come and has the potential to be as big as The Young Scientist and of possibly even greater appeal to students.

Sport for Business supported a new Award for the Project which had the greatest potential to expand beyond a real use in teaching and coaching sport towards having real commercial appeal.

We could have awarded the prize to twenty or more projects across nutrition, wellbeing, technology and games development, such was the high standard of projects from students up and down the country.

We will continue to support this event in future years and will do what we can to encourage and develop the ideas that caught our eye in 2018.

Next week we will look in closer detail at the project to which we awarded the prize, a scrum training aid developed by Ronan Mullane and Jack Corkery from Desmond College in Limerick.

It has a blend of simplicity, research, pinpoint accuracy to a problem that needs solving and students who were comfortable explaining what their thinking was and their ambitions for taking it further.

We are also awarding membership of Sport for Business for a year to the students from Bush Post Primary School in Dundalk for their work on Gaelic Football gloves that will reduce the impact of sprained fingers and those of St Joseph’s College in Borrisoleigh who have developed a golf training aid based on the concept of muscle memory.

It was an event from which you could not walk away with a spring in your step and a confidence in what future generations can and will deliver for society.

It deserves support and we have no doubt that it will get it.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about helping to bring PEXPO to new heights in 2019.


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Image Credit: Dan Sheridan Inpho Photography


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