GAA Cancels Season Tickets

The GAA moved yesterday to cancel season tickets issued through Counties and which would have had a number of games left to be redeemed in 2020.

The bulk of matches covered are in the Allianz League and most of those were played before the season was brought to a shuddering halt.

In Limerick, for example, the adult ticket that cost €120 in Hurling had already given access to seven potential games.

There are around 2,500 season tickets in that county, a fair reflection on the numbers involved around the country.

If we took an average of 2,000 per county, and in the bigger counties they are limited in number, then a €40 refund will amount to a €2.5 million hit for the GAA.

Some fans are complaining that the refund should have been bigger but in the circumstances, a one-third refund seems about fair.

The bigger benefit in the bigger counties was the guarantee of a ticket for All Ireland Finals but with crowds certain to be limited for them anyway this year, providing everything goes OK and they do get played in December it will be a very different experience.

The easiest thing might have been to wait a bit longer, hang onto the money and see how things play out.

In areas like this though making the decision and letting people know where they stand at the right time is always the best policy in the long run, even if it does lead to a bit of muttering and moaning.

The text of the letter from the GAA Ticket Office yesterday read

“Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and with no clarity on the potential number of spectators allowed in attendance for our proposed inter-county championship later in the year we have been left with no option but to cancel your GAA Season Ticket for 2020.”

“We have delayed taking this step until now as we hoped that Government guidelines would be eased to the point where we could accommodate all season ticket holders to attend their chosen games. This is becoming increasingly uncertain and has led us to make the unwelcome decision.”

“Your season ticket will not be eligible for the remainder of the 2020 Season. A refund of €40 for all adult tickets and €10 for all juvenile tickets will be paid in your accounts within the next two weeks.”


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