GAA Issues Ticket Warning

Being there for Sunday’s All Ireland Hurling Final is like trying to win the lottery and the GAA moved quickly yesterday to reaffirm their policy on the resale of tickets.

There are never any tickets that go on general sale for either of the All Ireland Men’s finals. Instead, they are in the main distributed through clubs and counties so that in general they find their way into the hands of those who are most involved in the grassroots.

This week all the way up to tonight there will be raffles and draws across many clubs and every one in the two competing counties, where fans will learn their fate.

Lest any of the winners think they can turn good fortune into a cash fortune though, the GAA Statement was plain.

“Tickets for GAA All-Ireland Finals are distributed directly to our Clubs and County Committees. Any tickets being sold in excess of face value on touting websites that are brought to the attention of the GAA will be automatically canceled.”

“The Association also routinely monitors ticket touting websites and where possible, endeavors to establish the original source of the tickets, taking action where necessary.”

“We look forward to the co-operation of our members and supporters in this matter and urge everyone to purchase tickets from official sources only.”

The announced closure of Seatwave, Ticketmaster’s secondary ticket website will remove one avenue for touts to secure an advantageous reward.

The only ones who may try to flout the ban now are those who ply their trade on the streets around the stadium but that really would be a case of buyer beware, both for them and for those desperate to get in.

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