GAA Looks to Past Through Future

The GAA has opened up online access to 113 All Ireland Finals staged since 1961 in an ambitious new digital archive.

The project has been undertaken with support from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Access to look back on these punctuation points in Ireland’s sporting and cultural history will be free of charge.

The archive also features provincial finals from 1961 and All-Ireland club finals since 1989.

In all, over 500 football and hurling matches were retrieved from broadcasters and information such as date, result, venue, referee, scorers and teams and substitutions was added.

Much of the work was completed by Nemeton TV at their Gaeltacht base in An Rinn, County Waterford.

The establishment of the archive, which received financial backing from the BAI, means that for the first time the GAA has a central repository of the majority of finals that were recorded and broadcast over the last six decades.

As well as being available to access edited highlights of games via, visitors to the GAA Museum at Croke Park will be able to watch the games through an interactive touch screen.

There will also be an access point in the GAA Museum Reading Room where entire games can be viewed.

“This is a fantastic initiative and one that safeguards so much of our history, not just for those who might have been fortunate to see the games the first time around, but for future generations too,” said GAA President John Horan.

“These games were taken from vaults, where they were kept on video tape, and their digitisation ensures that they can be enjoyed here at the GAA Museum and around the world through the internet.”

“I would like to acknowledge the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland whose help was instrumental in making the project happen and I am confident GAA members and supporters everywhere will enjoy countless hours going back through what is a treasure trove of games spanning more than half a century.”

“The BAI’s Archiving Scheme is designed to support the development of an archiving culture in the Irish broadcasting sector and this initiative will ensure that a key element of Ireland’s sports broadcasting heritage will be preserved for future generations,” added Chairperson of the BAI, Professor Pauric Travers.

Here is a sample of some of the content that you can now immerse yourself in.

The GAA plans to add further recordings to the archive in time.


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