Getting Kids Back to Rugby

Rugby was always going to be one of the tougher sports to bring back but the provinces are back in full training and looking forward to getting games played and tournaments completed over August and September.

With the summer generally a downtime for young players at school and club level, there was also more time to make sure that children’s activity was managed back in as safe a manner as possible.

The Bank of Ireland Camps in Leinster returned this week and now a number of the higher-end development camps are also beginning to return.

One of the main operators in this space is PSA Academies, run in conjunction with French legend Phillipe Saint Andre and run here in Ireland by Graham Ross.

The camps are back in Cork and Kildare starting next month and a number are sold out completely.

We caught up with Ross as part of our Sport for Business Daily interview to find out how he had filled his time creating the Big Rugby Run that raised €60,000 for the Feed the Heroes initiative.


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