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Each morning over the coming weeks and months we will bring you a daily summary of how sport is handling a return to activity in the wake of Covid-19.


American sport is not known for understatement and the amount of money raised by Sunday night’s Charity Golf match involving Tiger Woods and Tom Brady came to the sum of $20 million.

Woods was playing with Superbowl winner Peyton Manning while Brady teed up with Phil Mickelson.

The match was sponsored by Capital One and broadcast on Turner Sports and hit a peak viewing figure of 6.3 million.


The host country for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021 has lifted the state of emergency imposed to counter the COVID-19 Pandemic following a sharp decline in infections.

The overall number of new cases in the country on Sunday dropped to 14 and triggered part of the criteria that had been laid out for an easing of travel, movement and other restrictions.

Despite a population 25 times that of Ireland, it has recorded two thirds the number of confirmed cases of CoronaVirus and half the number of deaths.


The EuroLeaue European Basketball season has been cancelled following a virtual meeting of the Executive Board yesterday.

“Without a doubt this is the most difficult decision we have had to take in our 20-year history,” said CEO Jordi Beromeu.

The League features 18 teams from 10 countries across Europe and the complexity of cross border travel was cited as one of the main reasons why the tournament has had to be shelved.


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