Google Glass in the NBA

Google Glass Sacramento KingsTechnology Tuesday on Sport for Business

Google Glass is the technology of the moment and sport is of course one of the areas where its impact is being seen and delivered to a massive audience. On Friday night the Sacramento Kings will ‘gear up’ with team members during the warm up and on the bench, announcers, cheerleaders and other personnel to deliver a close up view that has never been seen before.

It promises to be dizzying, but also to set a new benchmark for how we as fans get as close to the action as is possible.

Perhaps Google, with such a strong presence here in Ireland might consider a trial with the GAA of Google Glass in hurling or perhaps with Roy Keane on the sidelines of an Irish soccer international. Now that would be something. But for the moment here is a taste of what we can expect from the NBA this coming weekend.

Lesson for Sport: Adopt technology to enhance the experience of your sport

Lesson for Business: Fans appetite for insight is almost insatiable. Be the first to deliver something new and exciting.

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