Government Reveals €40M Capital Funds

DTTASThe Government has formally announced the size and detail for application to a new round of sports capital project funding.

The amount of money will be greater than previously thought at €40 million and will likely start to filter through to get projects under way as early as the summer of 2014.

“The 2014 Sports Capital Programme will again provide much needed capital funding for sporting organisations throughout the country,” said Minister of State for Sport Michael Ring announcing details of the fund on Sunday.

“The 2012 Programme saw a record number of applications and we are acutely aware of the very high level of demand that exists for such grants.  I am delighted to announce that we will be making allocations totalling €40 million next year.”

“Under the programme pitches will be drained, floodlights will be installed, sports halls will be improved and dressing rooms will be built.  Thanks to these grants, people will have more opportunities than ever to get active and stay active in a wide range of sports. It will also have a positive impact on job creation in construction.”

The application process will open on January 17th, with a closing date for registration on February 7th and for final applications on 28th February.

A number of sporting bodies expressed disappointment at the time of the budget that Government was favouring capital over current expenditure but the Department said at the time that this would be resolved and so it proved.  As we look out on a new year in 2014 we can do so with a greater financial commitment to sport from Government than has ever been the case and this can only be a positive.

Last year’s grants were widely distributed across sports and across the country though there was a significant shortfall in the number of projects that were properly prepared and qualified.

Through the early part of 2014 Sport for Business will look at what needs to be done within sport, and what work has to be undertaken within clubs to ensure maximum benefit from the programmes.

Review our perspective on the detail within the grants that were made under the last Sports Capital Grants scheme.


Visit the guide from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport on the administration of applications and grants under the scheme.

  • Open for applications from 12 noon on Friday 17th January;
  • Closed for registration at 5pm on Friday 7th February;
  • Closed for applications at 5pm on Friday 28th February.
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