Greyhound Board to Spend €3.4 Million on Care Initiatives

The Irish Greyhound Board has published its budget for 2020 with over €3.4 million attributed to initiatives surround Greyhound care and welfare.

That will represent more than ten per cent of the overall budget marked as being €30.8 million of net expenditure.

The prize money allocation for 2020 will remain at a similar level for 2019 with an overall sum of €9.4m provided in the budget.

An overall sum of €740,000 is expected to accrue to the Care Fund which is dedicated to initiatives for the care and welfare of the racing greyhound. This combined with the funding available from 2019 will permit spending of over €1m on Care Fund initiatives in 2020.

The IGB’s overall spend on welfare and regulation in 2020 is estimated at €3.4m when an account is taken of expenditure on veterinary services at tracks, operation of the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust and the IGB’s welfare and regulatory teams.

The Care Fund will be utilised to provide funding for the introduction of a traceability system which has recently been tendered for by the IGB. Tenders close on 16th December 2019.

There will also be provision for greyhound care centres which were recently tendered for and for which 16 tenders were received, and for the appointment of a Director of Care and Welfare to drive the care and welfare function in accordance with the IGB’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022.

There will be funding provided to support the re-homing of retired greyhounds including the partnership entered into with Greyhound Pets of America for the re-homing of dogs in Boston and Atlanta in the USA.

Income from media rights at €2.1m shows an increase of €497,000 from 2019 given the transmission of nine greyhound race meetings weekly on the SIS network into betting shops across Ireland and Britain.

“Bord na gCon’s (The Irish Greyhound Board) budget for 2020 has a priority focus on the care and welfare of the greyhound,” said Chairman Frank Nyhan.

“We are anticipating over €1 million to be available from the Greyhound Care Fund, targeted at a range of important care and welfare initiatives, including the introduction of a traceability system.”

“When implemented, the traceability system will record the location and controller details of a racing greyhound throughout key events – birth, microchipping, registration, racing career, changes of ownership, controller, location, export, retirement and end of life.”

“The Irish greyhound industry continues to make a significant contribution to the economy annually and is a very important industry in the context of both rural and urban Ireland.”

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