Greyhound Racing Signs International Deal

Joe Lewins IGBThe Irish Greyhound Board has signed a major new deal with a Gibraltar based betting company to provide tote betting on seven Irish greyhound tracks, seven nights a week, to a global online audience that will run to millions.

EEyaa (Gibraltar) Limited provides access for its international customers, including William Hill, to tote betting pools from horse and greyhound racing rights holders around the world.

Customers betting online with those betting companies will now be able to place bets that are transferred directly into the Irish pool and then watch the race streamed live.


Tote betting works on the basis that between seventy and eighty per cent of the total money staked is paid back to winners based on the amount of money bet on a particular dog.  The more popular a selection is the less the return to the winning bettor.

The remaining 20 to 30 per cent is divided up between the operator, in this case the Irish Greyhound Board, the betting company with whom the customer placed the bet, and EEyaa in return for technically enabling the bet to be placed.  Unlike bookmaker betting the ‘house’ cannot lose and the more money that is bet, the more that is made by the company and the rights holders.

Under the agreement signed this week EEyaa will also market and promote Irish tote betting and greyhound racing to its large base of customers and shareholder betting companies.

The seven tracks involved in the deal are Clonmel, Shelbourne Park and Harolds Cross in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Tralee, and Galway.


“The internationalisation of Irish greyhound racing is a priority for the Board,” said Irish Greyhound Board Director of Tote and Wagering Joe Lewins (pictured, left).

“EEyaa deliver a round-the-clock menu of racing events from international tote content providers to a massive global audience audience.”

“We are delighted to expand our content adding Irish races to our fixture list,” added Jamie Hart Head of Customer Innovation and Experience at William Hill (pictured, right)

“Irish Greyhounds are a compelling and attractive product for our customers.”


The deal will reverse a decline in betting revenue that has seen marked reductions of over 50% since 2006.  This deal, allied to the growth in the economy announced by the Government yesterday are strong positive moves for an industry that has invested in upgraded facilities but was hit hard by a decline in consumer spending and discretionary spending over recent years.

Boylesports signed a three year sponsorship deal around the Irish Greyhound Derby, the final of which took place last weekend. The Irish Greyhound Board also recently signed a significant six figure deal with tour operator Dublin Coach surrounding sponsorship and connector services from city centres to the main urban tracks.

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