Guerrilla Running in Dun Laoghaire

There are plenty of 5K and 10K runs to attract people onto the streets of Dublin but Adidas and Lifestyle Sports have come up with one that promises to be just a little different.

The ‘Boost Run’ will take place on Friday March 4th through the streets and along the piers in Dun Laoghaire.  It is being described as a guerilla style guided run through the scenic surroundings of Dun Laoghaire Harbour en route to a secret finish location.

Rather than the thousands of a park run this will be limited to only 120 runners who will be split into three tribes, one each led by Dublin GAA All Star Rory O’Carroll, Olympian and national icon Katie taylor and sprint star Sarah Lavin.

They will mount a takeover of the streets of Dun Laoghaire before conquering the East and West Piers of the harbour where they will be able to test themselves against the athletic trio.

The tribe leaders and the participants will be boosted along their journey by several endorphin building surprises, none of which have been revealed yet, adding to the sense of surprise around this event.

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“As someone who loves sport and getting out for a run to keep mentally and physically fit, I can’t wait to take part in the Boost run. Dun Laoghaire is a beautiful spot in Dublin and to take in both piers will make for a really scenic route. Not only that, but there’s lot of surprises along the way including the secret finish line so it will be great fun too.”

The aim of the event is to establish adidas as an aspirational running brand in the Irish Market and lay the foundations for developing running clubs in Dublin in partnership with Life Style Sports’ flagship store on Grafton St being the hub of the running activation.

The longer term aim for Adidas and Life Style Sports is to reignite the running community in Ireland, bringing runners of all abilities together who share a common interest, and building tight knit tribes of runners with the focus on community, motivation and team spirit.

It is a clear step into the realm of the fitness runner as opposed to the performance one, echoing Adidas’ early termination of its relationship with the International Amateur Athletics Federation though that organisation’s president Sebastian Coe said in a TV interview last night that the break might not be as final as once thought.

Regardless, the ‘guerrilla’ branding is very much in vogue, throwing the creation and building of events to smaller communities.  It certainly has a place alongside the bigger events like the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon.

The combined attraction of running with different physical and mental challenges is echoed in Flagfall, Ireland’s Ultimate Corporate Challenge which Sport for Business is bringing to life with Punchestown Racecourse for 100 businesses in August this year.  Advance details of the event were unveiled at the Irish Sponsorship Summit in Dublin yesterday and there has already been significant interest from companies in the energy, insurance, agency and media sectors.

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