Guinness Celebrating Competition On and Off the Six Nations Pitch

The 2020 Guinness Six Nations and 2020 Women’s Six Nations was launched in London today, with all 12 captains and coaches in attendance to kick-off two months of top-class rugby.

It is only a little over two months since the Rugby World Cup in Japan but it is all change for the Men’s team with Andy Farrell and Johnny Sexton taking over the roles of Manager and Captain.

The World Cup did not go as planned but there is a renewed sense of optimism and excitement ahead of the opening game against Scotland in a little over a weeks time.

To mark the 2020 Championship, Guinness is launching a host of experiences that celebrate the friendly rivalry that binds each nation together in the union of rugby.

It is inviting spectators across the home nations to come as rivals but leave as friends and engage in new fields of contests that will mirror the fierce competitiveness of the Championship over the next two months.

The exclusive experiences featuring food, fitness and some of the fans’ favourite traditions, will be unveiled as the championship progresses, offering people across the home nations the chance to make the Guinness Six Nations truly unforgettable.

The 2020 Championship will see the introduction of a Women’s Six Nations Player of the Championship supported by Guinness who are keen to affirm their support of women’s rugby and the Women’s Six Nations Championship.

Guinness will introduce ‘A Performance to Remember’, a first for a sports sponsor by presenting commemorative bottles of Guinness Clear (100% H2O) to players who receive Player of the Match Awards throughout the Championship.

This was the main focus of advertising last year as it will be again in 2020 and putting water at the heart of what would traditionally be seen as a moment for alcohol sends a strong message.

The brand has partnered with multiple pubs, bars and event spaces across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland to create the perfect environment for die-hard fans and occasional rugby flirts to enjoy each match. The Camden in Dublin is one of those kitted out for the perfect rugby-watching experience that goes beyond the borders of sport. It was the venue for the launch of the Women’s Six Nations sponsorship and activation yesterday with sene Naopua.

“The Guinness Six Nations is one of the landmark events in the sporting calendar and in our second year as Title Partner we wanted to use the Championship to celebrate the friendly rivalries that extend across the rugby union,” said Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer at Diageo.

“By introducing new fields of contest we want rivals to become friends who will raise a pint to one another in commiseration and celebration when the final whistle blows. There are few other sporting events more perfectly positioned to celebrate our similarities and our differences, and as a brand so synonymous with rugby, Guinness will be at the forefront of this celebration.”

Guinness is an active member of the Sport for Business community and we will be dropping in to bring you all the best commercial stories from the sponsorship between now and the end of the tournament in March.


Image Credit: Dan Sheridan,

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